Aaron Ulises Jauregui Zepeda

...or Aaron Jauregui depending on how much space there is on your form

Hi, I’m Aaron, a developer interested in security, infrastructure, devops, and tinkering with hardware. When I’m not being a computer nerd I do fine art photography and try to make things IRL.

Enjoy your stay

The web can be a drab and monotonous space. This site stands in defiance of corporate blandness and uninspired design. The personal website should be a space for creativity and experimentation. I am barely old enough to have caught the tail end of the era of personal blogs before social media, and hope to be a part of their resurgence.

This site was first fully handmade HTML and CSS, and remains that for the most part. It is currently a Hugo site, but I hope to move it to a custom static site generator I’m building eventually. It attempts to evoke the style of PC98 visual novels, more often than not made by passionate enthusiasts creating works with soul despite heavy constraints imposed by hardware. I hope to capture some of their charm.

If you find the visual style disagreeable, you can see this page in a more reader-friendly mode with the “toggle reading mode” prompt beside my face. Alternatively, I put in some effort to make text-only browsers (lynx,w3m) render the site nicely.

Font is from The Oldschool PC Font Resource.

I currently run Ex Tenebris, my experimental photography site.

I plan to run a tor, i2p, and gopher mirror of this site eventually.

You can send an email to: contact (at) aaronjau (dot) com.

You can also find me on LinkedIn.